Some words about my collection and my site

I have been collecting stamps since I remember my self. In the beginning I started collecting stamps from the British Empire, and wildlife in general. Fifteen years ago I focused on birds.
My collection is orgenized by families, species and subspecies. The main problem of arranging and classifying this way is that, most of the stamps, do not maintain the name of the subspecies. So if the name of the subspecies appears on the stamp it's easy, if not I classify according to the habitat range of the species.
For example, in my country and Saudi Arabia breeds and resident "Lapped-faced Vulture" scientific name is Torgos tracheliotus negevensis, so all "lapped-faced Vultures" which appear on stamps from Israel or Arabia I classify as negevensis.
My country is situated at the junction between three continents, Israel therefore is a meeting point: a northern boundary for species of the Saharo-Sindian desert and for African species, a western boundary for Asian species and a southernmost boundary for western Palarctic species. The meeting point and best glide conditions over Jordan River Valley, and the Arava Valley which lay on "African Syrian rift", causes 500.000.000 birds to pass every spring and autumn over Israel. That and my other hobbies, provided me to build this site. I hope you'll enjoy visiting my site.
Gorfin Uri