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'       ...   <BR> </FONT SIZE="5"></EM</TR> <TR><TD BGCOLOR=FFFFCC COLSPAN=9 FONT SIZE="5"> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Subspecies and Distribution. </B></FONT SIZE="6"><FONT SIZE="5" ALIGN=LEFT><BR> <FONT COLOR=BLUE><I>A. a. apus</I></FONT> W Palearctic E to L Baikal, SE towards Iran. Winters mainly from Zaire and Tanzania S to Zinbabwe and Mozambuque.<BR> <FONT COLOR=BLUE><I>A. a. pekinensis</I></FONT> Iran E through W Himalayas to Mongolia and N China. Winters primarily in Namibia and Botswana. <FONT COLOR=FFFFCC>  </TD></TR> <TR><TD COLSPAN=5 BGCOLOR=FFCC00 WIDTH="80%"> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Descriptive notes.</B></FONT SIZE="6"> <FONT SIZE="5" ALIGN=LEFT><BR> Israeli population somewhat intermediate between nominate race and <FONT SIZE="5"COLOR=BLUE><I>pekinensis</I></FONT>. Large rakish swift with long, deeply forked tail and sharply pointed wings. 16-19 cm, 25-50 g, wingspan 42-47 cm.<BR>Black-brown mantle, outer wing, lesser coverts, tail, crown and underparts beneath small off-white throat patch. Slightly paler inner wing, greater coverts of underwing, forehead and rump. contrast between paler and darker tracts varies individually and temporally, fresh feathers being blacker with narrow white fringes.<BR>Race <FONT SIZE="5"COLOR=BLUE><I>pekinensis</I></FONT> has paler forehead and shows greater contrast in wing.<BR> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Habitat.</B></FONT SIZE="6"> Occurs over all habitats, from arid steppe and desert, temperate zones to boreal zone. from sea-level to high altitude. <BR>Race <FONT SIZE="5" COLOR=BLUE><I>pekinensis</I></FONT> occurs in Hmalayas at 1500-3300 m. Abundance in Britain and Ireland seemingly correlates with climate. In Israel primarily in Mediterranean climatic zone, with only small numbers in semi-desert areas. <BR> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Food and Feeding.</B></FONT SIZE="6"> <FONT SIZE="5" ALIGN=LEFT><BR> Insectivorous. Mainly hemiptera (55%), with stinging insects avoided.<BR> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Breeding.</B></FONT SIZE="6"> Mar-Jun, in Israel, May-Jun in Pakistan and Kashmir, May-Jul in Britain and Ireland, Switzerland and Fenno-Scandia.<BR> Site prospected and chosen by male, initially female greeted with hostile display, though allopreening occurs when she submits by lifting aead to expose throat patch. Copulation on wing and at nest.<BR>Nest cup constructed of small pieces of vegetable matter and feathers, agglutinated with saliva. 2 eggs, incubation 19-20 days. <BR> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Movements.</B></FONT SIZE="6"> <FONT SIZE="5" ALIGN=LEFT><BR> Present at SW Palearctic sites from Mar, arriving later farther N. Main arrival N Europe early May, with migration persisting to early Jun.<BR>Main spring and autumn passage in Egypt late Mar to mid May. Spring migration of nominate race through Israel mid Jan to mid Jan, peaking Apr-May, passage S throughout country May-Nov. In spring <FONT SIZE="5" COLOR=BLUE><I>pekinensis</I></FONT> moves mainly in Mar-Apr.<BR>Leaves N Europe from lat Jul. Autumn movement over W Turkish migration watchpoints peaks Ags. Present on African wintering grounds from Sep. Broad front autumn migration from Europe on SSW bearing, returning by generally more E route. <BR> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Status and Conservation.</B></FONT SIZE="6"> <FONT SIZE="5" ALIGN=LEFT><BR> Not globally threatened. Populatin estimates in 1997, 4.000.000 pairs. <BR> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Israel.</B></FONT SIZE="6"><BR> In Israel two subspecies <FONT SIZE="5" COLOR=BLUE><I>A. a. apus</I></FONT> <FONT SIZE="5" COLOR=BLUE><I>A. a. pekinensis</I></FONT>. Rare passage migrant over all the country, and scarce in spring in Eilat area. </TD> <TD COLSPAN=6 WIDTH="20%" BGCOLOR=BLACK><H3><CENTER> <IMG SRC="ap2p2.jpg"> <FONT COLOR=WHITE> <CENTER><I>A. a. pekinensis</I></CENTER> <CENTER>(in Israel)</CENTER> <HR SIZE=2 WIDTH="80%"> <P> <IMG SRC="ap2p3.jpg"> <FONT COLOR=WHITE> <CENTER><I>A. a. apus</I></CENTER> <CENTER>(in Israel)</CENTER> <HR SIZE=2 WIDTH="80%"> <P> <IMG SRC="ap2p4.jpg"> <FONT COLOR=WHITE> <CENTER><I>A. a. apus</I></CENTER> <HR SIZE=2 WIDTH="80%"> <P> <IMG SRC="ap2p5.jpg"> <FONT COLOR=WHITE> <CENTER><I>A. a. apus</I></CENTER> <CENTER></CENTER> <HR SIZE=2 WIDTH="80%"> </H3> <P> <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT BGCOLOR=FFFFCC WIDTH="10%"> <A HREF="index.html">HOME</A></TD> <TD COLSPAN=10 BGCOLOR=FFFFCC ALIGN=RIGHT WIDTH="10%"> <A HREF="ap3.html">NEXT</A> </TD></TR> </TABLE></BODY> </HTML>