<HTML><HEAD> <meta content="text/html; charset=utf-8" http-equiv="Content-Type"> <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="he"> </style> <META NAME="keywords" CONTENT  -, EMBERIZA RUSTICA ,   ,   ,  ,  ,    ; "> <meta name="description" content="EMBERIZA RUSTICA ,  -; "> <TITLE>EMBERIZA RUSTICA -  -,</TITLE> </HEAD> <DIV ALIGN=CENTER> <BODY ><TABLE BORDER=8 WIDTH="100%" BGCOLOR=FFCC00> <TR><TD COLSPAN=9 BGCOLOR=FFFFCC ALIGN=RIGHT> <FONT SIZE=7><FONT COLOR=FFFFCC>  </FONT COLOR=BLUE>495)  -</FONT SIZE=7> </TD></TR> <TR><TD COLSPAN=9 BGCOLOR=FFCC00 WIDTH="100%"> <IMG SRC="bk8p1.jpg"ALIGN=RIGHT HEIGHT=350 WIDTH=453> <BR><BR<BR> <style>body { background:silver; font-family:Arrus BT,Garamond,Times New Roman; }div { position:absolute; } </style><body><style>a { text-decoration: none; color:maroon; vlink:maroon; alink:red;}a:hover {color: red }.info { font-family:Times New Roman; positon:relative;}.light { top:-1; left:-1; color:white;}.shade { top:+1; left:+1; color:pink;.fill { top:0; left:0; color:red; } </style> <!--- Example #3 ---> <style>.light3 { top:-2; left:-2; color:lightgreen; } .shade3 { top:+2; left:+2; color:lightgreen; }.fill3 { top:0; left:0; color:darkgreen; } </style> <div class=Example3><div class="light3"> <center><font size=7>Rustic Bunting</font size=7></center> </div><div class="shade3"> <center><font size=7>Rustic Bunting</font size=7></center> </div><div class="fill3"> <center><font size=7>Rustic Bunting</font size=7></center> </div></div> <BR><BR><BR><BR> <BR><BR><BR><BR <!--- Example #4---> <style>.light4 { top:-2; left:-2; color:lightblue; }.shade4 { top:+2; left:+2; color:lightblue; }.fill4 { top:0; left:0; color:blue; } </style> <div class=Example4><div class="light4"><center> <font size=7><I>Emberiza rustica</I></font size=7> </center></div><div class="shade4"> <center> <font size=7><I>Emberiza rustica</I></font size=7> </center></div><div class="fill4"> <center> <font size=7><I>Emberiza rustica</I></font size=7> </center></div></div><BR><BR<BR><BR> </body></html> <TR><TD COLSPAN=9 ALIGN=RIGHT BGCOLOR=FFFFCC><FONT SIZE="5"> :  -<BR>.  , ,   .   <BR>.      ,    <BR>.     <BR>.      ,  ',  <BR>.         ,  <BR>.     ,  <BR>.    <BR> ... <B> </B>           ... , " <TR><TD BGCOLOR=FFFFCC COLSPAN=9 FONT SIZE="5"> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Subspecies and Distribution.</B></FONT SIZE="6"><FONT SIZE="5" ALIGN=LEFT><BR> <FONT COLOR=BLUE><I>E. r. rustica</I></FONT> Northern Eurasia excep Anadyrland and Kamchatka.<BR> <FONT COLOR=BLUE><I>E. r. latifascia</I></FONT> Anadyrland and Kamchatka. <FONT COLOR=FFFFCC>  </TD></TR> <TR><TD COLSPAN=5 BGCOLOR=FFCC00 WIDTH="80%"> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Descriptive notes.</B></FONT SIZE="6"> <FONT SIZE="5" ALIGN=LEFT><BR> 14-15 cm, 18 g, wingspan 21-25 cm. Medium-sized, rather upstanding, perky bunting, with rather square or peaked crown. All plumages show silky-white underparts white underparts with bold pattern of spots across breast and on flanks.<BR>Male beautiful, has black head with white lines and spots, strongly rufous breast, flanks, and rump, and bright white upper wing-bar and tail-edges.<BR>Female and immature less distinctive, lacking as distinctive a head pattern but still showing wide rufous streaks on flanks and mottled warm rufous-buff rump. Sexes dissimilar, some seasonal variation in male. <BR> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Habitat.</B></FONT SIZE="6"> Breeds in north Palearctic, in boreal zone, having expanded in modern times from more easterly regions. Favours moist and wooded lowland situations, especially growth of willow, birch, and poplar on margins of coniferous taiga forest by fens or river banks, or moist mosses.<BR>Winters in cool temperate climates, on open as well as wooded terrain. <BR> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Food and Feeding.</B></FONT SIZE="6"><FONT SIZE="5" ALIGN=LEFT><BR> Mainly seeds, plus insects and spiders in breeding season. feeds on ground and in bushes, commonly in damp and marshy places, and much invertebrate prey associated with water. In forest, tosses leaves aside while foraging. <BR> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Breeding.</B></FONT SIZE="6"> <FONT SIZE="5" ALIGN=LEFT><BR> Mid May to 1st half of Jun in Sweden, Jun in Lapland, May-Jul in N-W Russia.<BR>Nest site, generally on ground, often near water, in tussocky grass, moss cushions, among thick roots, etc., beside bush or tree or under overhanging grass, sedge, etc., or in depression in level ground. Sometimes bbove ground in tree or on stump.<BR>Nest, foundation of grass, sedge, horsetail, moss, leaves, needles, lichen etc., lined with fine plant material,, hair, and sometimes feathers.<BR>4-5 eggs, sub-elliptical, smooth and faintly glossy. Pale blueish-green or greenish-white, densely covered with fine olive-brown or greyish spots, blotches, and scrawls, though these can be absent.<BR>Incubation 11-13 days, by both sexes. <BR> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Movements.</B></FONT SIZE="6"> <FONT SIZE="5" ALIGN=LEFT><BR> All populations migratory. western birds head east then south, and eastern birds head south or south-west, to reach winter quarters via south-east Russia and north-east China. <BR> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Status and Conservation.</B></FONT SIZE="6"> <FONT SIZE="5" ALIGN=LEFT><BR> Not globally threatened. Has expanded to west and south in 20th century. <BR> <FONT SIZE="6" ALIGN=LEFT><B>Israel.</B></FONT SIZE="6"> <FONT SIZE="5" ALIGN=LEFT><BR> In Israel subspecies <FONT SIZE="5" COLOR=BLUE><I>E. r. rustica</I></FONT> accidental migrant in autumn, spring and winter. Rare but regular autumn migrant at Eilat. </TD> <TD COLSPAN=6 WIDTH="20%" BGCOLOR=BLACK><H3> <CENTER><IMG SRC="bk8p2.jpg"> <FONT COLOR=WHITE> <CENTER><I>E. r. rustica</I></CENTER> <CENTER>in Israel</CENTER> <HR SIZE=2 WIDTH="80%"> <P> <IMG SRC="a0.jpg"> <FONT COLOR=WHITE> <CENTER><I></I></CENTER> <HR SIZE=2 WIDTH="80%"> <P> <IMG SRC="a0.jpg"> <FONT COLOR=WHITE> <CENTER><I></I></CENTER> <HR SIZE=2 WIDTH="80%"> <P> <IMG SRC="a0.jpg"> <FONT COLOR=WHITE> <CENTER><I></I></CENTER> <CENTER></CENTER> <HR SIZE=2 WIDTH="80%"> </H3> <P> </TD></TR><TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT> </TD></TR> <TR><TD ALIGN=LEFT BGCOLOR=FFFFCC WIDTH="10%"> <A HREF="index.html">HOME</A></TD> <TD COLSPAN=10 BGCOLOR=FFFFCC ALIGN=RIGHT WIDTH="10%"> <A HREF="bk9.html">NEXT</A> </TD></TR> </TABLE></BODY> </HTML>